How To Troubleshoot Slow NBN Satellite Internet Speeds

One huge hurdle which rural, local, and remote Australian customers handle is slow Internet information speeds. The cause can be credited to various elements including network concerns, NBN satellite innovation and the relationship between NBN and its companies. These problems produce limitations on what does it cost? Enhancement can be made regarding speed and overall efficiency of your home connection.

Here are the possible reasons why you’re experiencing slow speeds at home:

Range from a satellite connection

Technological problems happen as a result of the distance between your home and the primary source of the Internet. If you are located far from the primary source of connection, anticipate restrictions on Internet performance.

Network congestion

This is among the leading causes of slow Internet speeds among NBN Internet plans. Even the very best NBN satellite service provider may not have adequate bandwidth to provide fast Internet connectivity to all of its clients throughout peak hours.

Your NBN satellite cost is kept affordable as a result of your ISPs failure to buy sufficient bandwidth from NBN. There’s no chance any ISP can purchase enough bandwidth for every single client they have. This is yet again a constraint that customers have to accept when trying to increase their Internet information speeds.

With all these restrictions, how do I repair my slow Internet connection?

Link your laptop computer directly to the modem

Before you think of switching to a quicker, more pricey tier strategy, we advise that you perform a speed test by connecting your desktop or laptop computer directly to the modem. Your Wi-Fi may be the reason why your Internet is sluggish. By linking directly to your modem, you can determine your real Internet speed and narrow down the possible causes for slow information speeds.

Ensure to carry out speed tests at various times of the day. This will assist identify if network congestion is your primary issue. This will likewise help you in deciding whether to change ISPs or move to a more expensive, but much faster NBN satellite plan.

Modem or router problems

If you discover that Internet speed is excellent with a direct connection, however, becomes slow when utilising a Wi-Fi connection, you might have to request a new router. Ask NBN Satellite Internet providers for a brand-new one to inspect if a router or modem switch can make a significant distinction on your Internet speeds.

Make sure to test the new modem for a couple of days. The modem should be handled with care during setup so make sure to look for help during this phase. If your Internet speed is still sluggish after changing to a new one, return the modem and continue to try to find other possible problems.

Learning about the causes of sluggish Internet speeds and understanding ways to correct the problems will help in saving you time and money. NBN Satellite broadband is undoubtedly a present to Australians living in the outback, however, because it’s still brand-new innovation, it will take a while for Internet speeds to be much faster and more reliable for everyone to delight in.